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Department of Physics

Undergraduate Physics Scholarships

The Department of Physics awards scholarships to many of its exceptional physics majors at the freshman through senior levels. Below is a list of the scholarships available through the Department. Scholarship recipients are selected in the Spring. Along with the corresponding requirements, the students are selected on the basis of their GPA.


Complete the Physics Department Scholarship Application which is available in MS Word format or Adobe PDF.

Email your application to office@phys.ksu.edu or send via USPS to Scholarship Committee, K-State Physics, 116 Cardwell Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-2601.  If you are on campus, feel free to take your application directly to the main Physics Department office in Cardwell 116.

Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. CST on March 1, 2019.

If you have any questions, call  (785) 532-6786.

Scholarships Available


Kathryn and Charles Bearman Scholarship

Female sophomores or above majoring in Physics

Kenneth & Maxine Burkhard Science Teaching Scholarship

Junior or senior showing satisfactory progress toward a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology or Microbiology who wishes to become certified for secondary school teaching.

A.B. Cardwell Scholarship

Physics major

Clarence S. and Jane Clay Physics Scholarship

Majors whose primary goal is teaching at the secondary level

Basil & Mary Curnutte Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate student in Physics

William Joe L. Dempsey Memorial

Any worthy student completing his/her junior year at K-State with a major in science who is planning a career in medicine. Preference will be given to an applicant who indicates a special interest in Physics.

Howard and Helen Doyle Science Scholarship

Exceptional students from Bala and Fancy Creek Townships in Riley County, KS majoring in Engineering or Sciences

Dragsdorf Physics Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate student in Physics

Louis Ellsworth Memorial

Physics majors who are citizens of the United States and a Kansas Resident. Preference given to Riley County.

Terry Suzanne "Speed" and James King Foster Scholarship

 Physics major with preference given to female students

John P. Giese Scholarship

Student majoring in Physics who has contributed to the success of the Physics Club and has participated in a research project

J.O. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

Engineering or Physics major; freshman

Paul Hewitt Scholarship

Student whose primary goal is teaching physics at any level

Leo E. Hudiburg Scholarship

Physics students in good standing

James R. Macdonald Scholarship

Physics majors

Ronald D. Parks Memorial Scholarship

Undergraduate or graduate student in Physics. Undergraduate recipients shall receive the scholarship beginning the fall semester of their junior or senior year and may receive the award for a second year if they make adequate progress toward a degree. Graduate recipients of this award will be first or second year graduate students and may receive the award for a second year if they are in good academic standing.

Physics Department Scholarship

Physics majors

Ralph and Ina Shenk Scholarship

Student who has a desire to teach physics; possibly with a combination of mathematics and/or chemistry at the college or pre-college level. A minimum grade point average of 2.75 in high school is required of freshman recipients and of those students who are receiving this aid while attending Kansas State University. The recipient must be a citizen of the United States with preference given to a resident of the state of Kansas.