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Department of Physics

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Many of our students are awarded scholarships by the physics department.  In addition, some students receive scholarships from the university, or compete nationally for additional awards and fellowships.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) 

We have an exciting summer research program funded by the National Science Foundation.  Students from across the country are encouraged to apply.

Additional Research Opportunities 

Most of our undergraduate majors participate in research throughout the year by joining one of the research programs. This initial research experience helps our students with their career decisions and gives them the opportunity to use state-of-the-art research equipment. These students develop skills in computing, electronics, radiation detection, using lasers, building particle detectors, vacuum science, and other technically advanced areas. They present their research results both locally and at national meetings, and have won prestigious fellowships based on their research. Furthermore, most of our students are paid for their research time. Whatever their eventual career, undergraduate research experiences are a valuable part of our students' education To get involved in research, read about the various areas of research going on at Kansas State both here and in the study guide.  Identify the faculty members whose research seems most interesting to you, and contact them in person or by email.

Videos Featuring Undergraduate Research

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