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Department of Physics

Where have K-State physics majors gone after graduation?

A career in physics is rewarding and satisfying for people who enjoy solving problems by examining underlying basic principles. With career options across numerous industries and trades, physics graduates from Kansas State University work in many fields including those listed below.

  • Electronics engineers (Arbor Scientific)
  • High school Teachers (many examples)
  • Patent law Scientists (US Patent Office
  • Accounting (Anderson Consulting)
  • Weather systems Analyst (ITT Space Systems)
  • Oil and gas explorations (Reeves Wireline Services)
  • Financial Services (Tradebot Systems)
  • Telecommunications (Century Tel)
  • Biotech (Biomune)
  • State Department of Transportation
  • CTI (development of electronics and lasers

Graduates from Kansas State University have also been accepted into some of the most prestigious graduate programs, including:

  • Oxford University
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Cornell
  • MIT
  • University of California, Berkeley