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What can I do with a degree in physics?

Physics Career Chart

For more information on careers in physics and to see current job listings, check out the website of the American Physical Society.


Physicists are trained to formulate their understanding of a problem in precise terms and to communicate these ideas to others. These skills give physics majors a variety of career paths. Many physicists conduct basic research in industry, universities, hospitals and government. Others teach in high schools and colleges. A large number of physicists also go into engineering fields or financial jobs. Nearly any job requiring problem-solving skills will benefit from an employee with a degree in physics.


FIELD OF EMPLOYMENT FOR PHYSICS BACHELOR'S IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR (NATIONAL CLASSES OF '09 and '10 combined).  Source: American Institute of Physics, www.aip.org/statistics/


Across the nation over the past decade, roughly 95 percent of graduates with bachelor's degrees in physics found employment or enrolled in graduate school immediately following graduation.

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