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Department of Physics

Transfer of Physics Courses to K-State

  1. Course transfer from institutions in the United States are listed at http://www.k-state.edu/undergradadmit/transferequivalency.html.  Please consult with your academic advisor if you need help when using this site.
  2. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are accepted –consult your academic advisor.
  3. High School classes will not transfer to K-State.
  4. If you have a college class that is not listed at the above website from the United States or overseas, and wish to know if it will transfer, please bring the following (in-person) to Professor Michael O'Shea in Cardwell Hall (CW106A), e-mail first to make an appointment (mjoshea@phys.ksu.edu):
    • Name of class, number of credits (or hours studied)
    • Name/author of textbook, detailed syllabus and class description
    • Detailed description of labs if class has labs
    • Please be sure to have these before you make an appointment.  It is also helpful to have the textbook itself and (if applicable) the lab manual but these may not be required.

Important note: Please do NOT send materials to evaluate by e-mail, please bring them in person.