Here are some pictures of my experimental apparatus (1) and set up (2).

 (1)                                           (2)

            (1)        My experimental apparatus. The large black box houses the dual-plate configuration for sending high voltage through the particle fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) that is being tested. The yellow meter sitting on top of the black box is                      measuring the voltage. The high voltage power supply is high-lighted in red, and the Keithley meter that is used to measure the current is high-lighted in blue. Because the voltages being measured are so tiny (in the millivolt range),              the meters are affected by stray electric fields. Walking around the room or even standing in place and waving your arms around causes the meter to fluctuate wildly, so the entire apparatus is housed inside a Faraday cage.

            (2)        The whole set up. The Keithley meter is connected to a small computer device called a Beagle (see below, 3), after going through a voltage biasing circuit