Coupling a Bessel Beam and Damaging Nanowires

by Daniel M. Todd

Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Trallero

Kansas State University Physics Department  REU Program

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I currently live at home in West Chesterfield, NH.  I am currently a rising senior at Saint Michaelís College in Colchester, VT where I major in physics and minor in math and psychology.I first got interested in physics in high school when my physics teacher opened my eyes to the complex and fascinating aspects of the physical world.I am a member of Vermontís only chapter of the Society for Physics Students and am a student member of the American Physical Society.

This REU experience has given me the best summer I could possibly hope for.I learned more than I ever thought I could about lasers, AMO physics and what it is like to research a topic that truly interests me. I truly enjoyed lounging around with my friends from the Physics REU as well as the Chemistry and Biology REUs.I have to say that Kansas was not what I was expecting it to be at all and turned out to be a pleasant surprise.I will have such wonderful memories of these fantastic people throughout the rest of my life and I only wish we could have been here longer!