About Me


My name is Lauren Harris, I am going into my final semester at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). I have always loved the sciences thanks to my dad and always had a fascination with the stars. This led me to take a lot of science and math as I grew up, especially when I got to high school. I took both honors and AP physics during those years and fell in love with the subject. At the same time I was participating in my high schools theater department as a part of, and eventually the leader of, the costumes department. I eventually went to college to do theater design, but after only a few short months, decided that wasnít the life I wanted to follow. After this I decided to go back to my true love, science. I had been taking an astronomy course and decided to go and talk to my professor about changing my major to physics. I registered for the intro class the next semester and fell in love again. Now I canít imagine being anywhere else.


While I was in college, I had the opportunity to teach labs for the intro sequence (to see more about that look at my previous research). After teaching the labs for just over a year, I realized that teaching was my passion. I started looking into Physics Education Research, which will ultimately become my field of research for graduate school next fall. This REU has been an amazing opportunity to see what other opportunities are available as far as research in this field.

It has been such an amazing summer and I feel truly blessed to have gotten this opportunity.