Other Research


Project Overview


Previous to this summer I had been working at my university with Dr. Ian Beatty on a project about our Learning Assistants program. The abstract is provided below.



Extreme Learning Assistants: The impact of an authentic teaching experience on undergraduate physics majors

UNCG has an innovative Learning Assistant (LA) program, in which upper-class undergraduate physics students teach laboratory sections of the introductory calculus-based physics sequence. These LAs run the lab sections, generally without faculty present; as well as write up handouts for the labs, quizzes and other documents; and evaluate studentsí work. The LAs meet with the professor before the semester to determine an overall plan for the lab course. Weekly meetings continue throughout the semester to review the previous lab and prepare for the upcoming lab. This gives the LAs a genuine voice in the design of the course. The program provides LAs with an authentic teaching experience. Through interviews with former and current LAs we found that this experience makes students more inclined towards a career in teaching, or even PER. It has also improved studentís content knowledge, experimental and laboratory writing skills.


Here is a link to my poster from the conference.

I also submitted a paper to the PERC Proceedings, which I will provide a link to if the paper gets accepted.