Fun in Kansas!

Not all time was spent in the lab! Here are some photos of some of the stuff we did!

Group Pic

Group picture of the 2013 Summer REU program. This was taken at Tuttle Creek Park during one of our picnics.

Salt Mines

Our visit to the Hutchinson Salt Mines, one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas.


Just before we left for Hutchinson, we helped organize and pack all our food into coolers. Unsurprisngly, us scientists were pretty effecient at organization!

Konza Prarie

Lounging around at Konza Prarie waiting for our tour to start where I got to see and eat bison for the first time.


Visit to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.


The physics REU students enjoying a game of volleyball.

Our visit to Tuttle Creek sure made a splash!

A SUROP REU student took us to The Top of The World just outside Manhattan and put on a firey show.