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Tanner J. Stevens




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Larry Weaver Lectures

Ethics Lectures

Electronics Class
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Advisor:  Dr. N. Sanjay Rebello

Graduate Student: Adrian Carmichael


Kansas State University

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“Larry Weaver Lectures”


Most Tuesdays this summer, Larry Weaver gave an hour-long talk on various topics in physics.  Many

of these talks were aimed at the various projects going on in the REU program, while others were on

student-suggested topics.  I enjoyed having a wide variety of experience to various fields this way, and

it helped me to understand some of the guiding principles behind other various projects a little more clearly.


Ethics Lectures


Each Wednesday throughout the program, we met to discuss various issues in scientific ethics.  Lectures

were given by Dr. Bruce Glymour and Dr. Amy Lara.  Various areas such as data collection, gender biases,

grad student-advisor interactions were discussed in a scientific context.  The discussions were good, and I

enjoyed pondering about some of these issues.


Electronics Class


Dr. Brian Washburn gave a short 3-session class on lab electronics.  The information was not particularly as

useful for me as it may have been for other students this summer, but I enjoyed learning how to solder

circuits by hand, which was certainly a bit of a challenge.