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Recent research highlights

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Attosecond-resolved non-dipole photoionization dynamics

Nature Photon. (2024)
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Separation of photoionization and measurement-induced delays

Science Advances 10, eadj2629 (2024)
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Attosecond circular-dichroism chronoscopy of electron vortices

Nature Physics 19, 230 (2023)
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Attosecond metrology in circular polarization

Optica 10, 1044-1052 (2023)
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Observation of Nuclear Wave-Packet Interference in Ultrafast Interatomic Energy Transfer

PRL 130, 253202 (2023)
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Complete characterization of sub-Coulomb-barrier tunnelling with phase-of-phase attoclock

Nature Photonics 15, 765-771 (2021)

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Meng Han