James Hazelton

KSU Physics REU 2007


Weekly Schedule:

Week Ten: Finish prototype sensor bracket, pull data from thermometers, give final presentation.

Week Nine: Testing ADC code, fabricating the sensor mount, set up thermometers for long-term test.

Week Eight: Analyzing data, writing code.

Week Seven: Designing the mount setup, and writing the ADC test program.

Week Six: Analyzing Data, Prototyping the final S/R Circuit, and debugging code

Week Five: Starting large scale thermometer tests and optimizing the S/R Circuit

Week Four: Finish epoxy and thermal tests, finish set/reset circuit.

Week Three: Finishing the calibration, building the set/reset circuit, and starting epoxy tests.

Week Two: Testing the magnetic field sensors for calibration and sensitivity.

Week One: Choosing research topic and gathering information.

Electronic Collections of Photographic Images

Anatomy of an experiment

High Energy Physics: Attempted Explanations

Final Presentation

Advocacy and its Role in Science (Essay)

Neutrino Creation and Detection

The Double Chooz Setup

Potentially Helpful Links

Wiki Neutrino Article

Double CHOOZ Homepage