PHYS 213: Engineering Physics 1
Spring 2010

In case you can't access KSU Online or it isn't handy for some reason, I've duplicated the announcements and most important documents here (scroll down for the documents).


01/20/10 09:25 PM

HW 2 notes

I've prepared some notes for a worked-out problem from HW 2 (Prob. 5).  You can get them here.

01/20/10 03:25 PM

HW 1 due date extended

As I announced in lecture today, I have reset the due date/time for HW 1 to Monday, Jan. 25, at 11:00 AM for everybody. If you had already requested an extension, any grade penalties for questions answered in the extension have been removed.

This extension is a one-time occurrence to give those who had trouble with WebAssign a chance to complete the assignment. It also allows those waitlisted to have a chance at it. Don't expect similar extensions in the future. I recommend not waiting until the last minute with your homework to avoid similar problems submitting answers to WebAssign.

01/14/10 09:36 PM

Common questions on Message Board

Be sure to check the Message Board. I will be posting the answers to some commonly asked questions there. You are, of course, welcome to post questions there directly.

01/14/10 02:58 PM

First Homework

The first homework assignment will be available on WebAssign at 4:00 pm, Thursday, Jan. 14. You will need to get a WebAssign account to access the homework. Directions for doing so are available in the WebAssign document in Course Content.

NOTE: Before attempting the homework, be sure to read the homework grading policies in the Studio Syllabus available in Course Content. You might also want to try out the Practice HW first, which is already available at WebAssign. The grade of the Practice HW will not be counted.