Esry Group Computing Information

This page addresses the linux computing systems belonging to the Esry group and the AMO Theory group.  You will not find any substantial amount of information for Windows machines here, but you might check PCSC's page.

The AMO Theory Group (including the groups of Drs. Esry, Lin, and Thumm) has built up a considerable amount of computing power.  The machines that are primarily for number crunching are physically located in a room in the basement and are accessible only via the network .

A brief outline of important information is given below along with links to more details about each topic.  If you can't find enough information here, you should try the following to get help (in order!):

  1. Try the man or info pages on the computer.
  2. Ask a fellow student or postdoc in the group.
  3. Hardware and operating system (OS) problems should be taken to PCSC.