Classifications of the 3l3l"3l" triply excited states

We have now identified all the robvibrational normal modes of the sixty-four 3l3l"3l" triply excited states of an atom.
 The independent electron model does not describe these triply excited states adequately. Our goal is to
find new ways to classify them.

 We first investigate a modell atom where the three electrons are confined on the surface of a sphere.
We calculate the energy levels at a radius which would simulate the 3l3l'3l" triply excited states of He-.
The energy levels, arranged according to the L, S and parity appears as

where you cannot see any order.

Without going to details( see publication list) we can rearrange these spectra in different groups as



Each group is represented by a certain shape in the relative angles between the electrons:
  The meaning of these plots are explained in this file .