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Bruce M. Law
327 Cardwell Hall
Department of Physics
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506  

 Fax: (785)-532-6806   

 -Professor in Physics
 -LSP Group Leader

 -Ph.D. Physics (1986) Victoria University, New Zealand
 -B.S. Physics & Math (1978) Victoria University, New Zealand


Research Interest

Our research is centered around liquid surfaces and the structural phase transitions that can occur on them.  The physics of liquid surfaces, thin films, and competitive surface adsorption is rather poorly understood despite its importance in many technological and biological processes such as catalysis, electrolysis, and osmosis. The techniques of high precision video microscopy, interferometry, and surface-modified polarization of laser light are used to study (i) the dynamics of surface nucleation, growth, and coalescence of microscopic liquid droplets into uniform liquid films, (ii) the influence of line tension effects on liquid droplet shapes, and (iii) the behavior of adsorbed and wetting films in the vicinity of a bulk second order phase transition.


Updated on May 16, 2002.