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Department of Physics

Larry Weaver

Larry WeaverProfessor
14 Cardwell Hall

Ph.D. Duke University, 1970
B.S. Caltech, 1965

Research Area

General Theoretical Physics

I have mostly published in atomic physics but I serve on Ph.D. committees in all areas, including high energy physics, cosmology, and condensed matter physics. There is no particular pattern to my research; instead I try to help solve puzzles that my colleagues come up with in their work. My current work illustrates this: I am working on the lineshape function in Doppler-free spectroscopy at low pressures, and my next seminar talk will be about magnetic monopoles in Yang-Mills theories.

Research Support

  • National Science Foundation

Recent Selected Publications

"Saturated absorption spectroscopy of acetylene gas inside large-core photonic bandgap fiber," R. Thapa, K. Knabe, M. Faheem, A. Naweed, Oliver L. Weaver, K. Corwin. Optics Letters 31 2489 (2006).