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Department of Physics

Eleanor Sayre

Eleanor SayreProfessor
329 Cardwell Hall
Group Webpage
Sayre Lab Webpage

Ph.D. University of Maine, 2007

Research Area

Physics Education Research
  • Improving and extending theoretical bases for physics education research
  • Investigating the interplay between physics and mathematics understanding
  • Learning and forgetting in introductory physics classes
  • Developmental trends for pre-service physicists
  • Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods education research

Research Support

  • National Science Foundation

Recent Selected Publications

L.E. Strubbe, A.M. Madsen, S.B. McKagan, and E.C. Sayre (2020). Beyond teaching methods: Highlighting physics faculty’s strengths and agency. Physical Review Special Topics, 16, 020105.

D.N. Chari, H.D. Nguyen, D.A. Zollman, and E.C. Sayre  (2019). Student and instructor framing in upper-division physics. American Journal of Physics, 87, 875.

B. Modir, J.D. Thompson, and E.C. Sayre (2019). Framing difficulties in quantum mechanics. Physical Review Special Topics, 15, 020146.

A. Madsen, S.B. McKagan, E.C. Sayre, and C.A. Paul (2019). Resource Letter RBAI-2: Research-based assessment instruments: Beyond physics topics. American Journal of Physics 87, 350.

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