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Department of Physics

Amit Chakrabarti

Amit ChakrabartiDean of Arts & Sciences and Physics Professor
113 Calvin Hall
(785) 532-6900
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Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1987
M.Sc. University of Calcutta, India, 1982

Research Area

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Amit Chakrabarti is a theoretical physicist with interests in soft matter and statistical physics.

He has worked on diverse soft-matter systems ranging from liquid mixtures, polymers, liquid crystals, aerosols, colloids, nanoparticles and, most recently, self-assembly of proteins.

Chakrabarti's research is curiosity-driven and focuses on how particles in a dispersed phase come together and form aggregates. His individual and collaborative research projects have received extramural funding from agencies such as NASA and the National Science Foundation.

Chakrabarti is presently collaborating with several K-State faculty on projects that have been funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation.

One of his research collaborations is with Jim Gunton, a professor at Lehigh University, to understand how insulin crystals form from aqueous solutions. Insulin is an important drug in the treatment of diabetes; understanding the process of microcrystal formation is important for developing new methods of drug delivery. Chakrabarti also is working on fiber formation in sickle cell hemoglobin, the mutant form of hemoglobin responsible for sickle cell anemia.

Research Support

  • NASA
  • National Science Foundation

Recent Selected Publications

Shear History Independence in Colloidal Aggregation, W. R. Heinson, C. M. Sorensen and A. Chakrabarti, Langmuir, 28, 11337 (2012).

Nucleation in Short-Range Attractive Colloids: Ordering and Symmetry of Clusters, S. J. Khan, O.L. Weaver, C.M. Sorensen, and A. Chakrabarti, Langmuir, 28, 16015 (2012).

Discrete Dipole Approximation for Low-Energy Photoelectron Emission from NaCl Nanoparticles, M. J. Berg, K. R. Wilson, C. M. Sorensen, A. Chakrabarti and M. Ahmed, J. of Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer. 113, 259- 265 (2012).

Synthesis of Silica Aerosol Gels via Controlled Detonation, R. Dhaubhadel, T. P. Rieker, A. Chakrabarti and C. M. Sorensen, Aerosol Sci. & Tech., 46, 596 (2012). 

Solubility of Gold Nanoparticles as a Function of Ligand Shell and Alkane Solvent, B. C. Lohman, J. A. Powell, S. Cingarapu, C. B. Aakeroy, A. Chakrabarti, K. J. Klabunde, B. M. Law, and C. M. Sorensen, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 14, 6509 (2012). 

Nucleation of Nanoparticle Superclusters from Solution, S. J. Khan, C. M. Sorensen and A. Chakrabarti, Langmuir, 28, 5570 (2012). 

A Three Parameter Description of the Structure of Diffusion Limited Cluster Fractal Aggregates, W. R. Heinson, C. M. Sorensen and A. Chakrabarti, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 375, 65 (2012). 

Ethanol Shock and Lysozyme Aggregation, L. R. Nemzer, B. N. Flanders, J. D. Schmit, A. Chakrabarti and C. M. Sorensen, accepted for publication in Soft Matter (2012). 

Formation of Light-weight Low-density Materials via Gas Phase Aerosol Gelation, C. M. Sorensen, R. Dhaubhadel, C. S. Gerving, and A. Chakrabarti, MRS proceedings, Vol. 1306, 93 (2011). 

Kinetics of Nanochain Formation in a Simplified Model of Amelogenin Biomacromolecules, Wei Li et al., Biophysical Journal, 101, 2502-2506 (2011).

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