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Department of Physics

Charles W. Fehrenbach

Charles FehrenbachResearch Assistant Professor
17 Cardwell Hall
(785) 532-3461
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Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1993

Research Area

Atomic Collisions

We are investigating electron-capture dynamics in collisions of highly-charged ions with neutral atoms. In collaboration with Colorado State University, we have focused our efforts on the use of laser-excited targets and state-of-the-art detection techniques to make novel measurements of energy and angular-momentum distributions of the product states following electron transfer collisions. We are currently developing a Magneto-Optical Trap for Rb to be used in conjunction with a Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy detection scheme to extend the precision of measurements of collision processes.

Atomic Spectoscopy

In an ongoing collaboration with Steven R. Lundeen of CSU, we use laser and microwave spectroscopy to measure the fine structure intervals of multi-electron ionic atoms. The structure constants that are determined are used to check the accuracy of multi-electron calculations. The experiments are done on the ECR ion source facility in the Macdonald lab.

Research Support

  • Department of Energy 

Recent Selected Publications

"Measurements of dipole and quadrupole polarizabilities of Rn-like Th4+," J.A. Keele, C.S. Smith, S.R. Lundeen and C.W. Fehrenbach, Phys. Rev. A85, 064502 (2012). [link]

"Calculation of ionization in direct-frequency comb spectroscopy," B. Lomsadze, C.W. Fehrenbach, B.D. DePaola, Phys. Rev. A 85(4) 043403 (2012). [link]

"Polarizabilities of Rn-like Th4+ from rf spectroscopy of Th3+ Rydberg levels," J.A. Keele, S.R. Lundeen and C.W. Fehrenbach, Phys. Rev. A83(6), 062509 (2011). [link]

"Properties of Fr-like Th3+ from spectroscopy of high-L Rydberg levels of Th2+," J.A. Keele, M.E. Hanni, S.L. Woods, S.R. Lundeen and C.W. Fehrenbach, Phys. Rev. A 83(6), 062501 (2011). [link]

"Interaction of a finite train of short pulses with an atomic ladder system," H.U. Jang, B. Lomsadze, M.L. Trachy, G. Veshapidze, C.W. Fehrenbach, B.D. DePaola, Phys. Rev. A 82(4), 043424 (2010). [link]