Sanjay Rebello

Sanjay Rebello


Kansas State University

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4:30 p.m.

Cardwell 102

Research on Transfer of Learning and Implications for Instruction



Transfer of learning may be described as the overarching goal of education. Transfer is particularly relevant to the teaching and learning of science as educators strive to prepare learners to apply their understanding of science to decision making in their everyday lives. Theoretical perspectives on transfer of learning have evolved over time. Traditional assessments of transfer focused on whether students could to apply knowledge learned in a one context to a new context. More recently transfer researchers have begun to investigate whether learners can reconstruct their knowledge and continue to learn in new contexts. In our research, we have adapted a framework that consolidates traditional and contemporary perspectives of transfer. This framework has served as the underlying basis for projects by our research group over the past several years.  I will present this framework and examples of our research and developmental efforts based on the framework.