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Department of Physics

Spring 2018 PER Seminar Schedule

Location:  Cardwell 119
Days/Time:  Mondays at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified)


DateSpeaker OrganizationTitle
1/15University Holiday   
1/22Organizational Meeting  
1/29Nandana Weliweriya K-SUPERPaper Discussion on Redish's Oersted Lecture 2013: How should we think about how our students think?
2/12Amali JambugeK-SUPERPaper Discussion on Lising & Elby's The impact of epistemology on learning: A case study from introductory physics
2/19Tra Thi Thanh HuynhK-SUPER K-SUPER AAPT Abstract Review
2/26Ginny CoghlanK-SUPER Paper Discussion on Ding & Zhang's Making of epistemologically sophisticated physics teachers: A cross-sequential study of epistemological progression from preservice to in-service teachers  
3/5Bethany WilcoxCO School of MinesEpistemology Research
3/12Lydia BenderK-SUPERPaper Discussion on Willoughby & Johnson's  Epistemic beliefs of non-STEM majors regarding the nature of science: Where they are and what we can do
3/19Spring Break                                                                 
3/26Dina Zohrabi K-SUPERGRAD Forum Practice Talk: Students' practice in physics
4/2Vesal DiniTufts UnivStudy of dynamics in responsive teaching
4/9Dina ZohrabiK-SUPER Paper Discussion on Potter et al's Sixteen years of collaborative learning through active sense-making in physics (CLASP) at UC Davis