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Department of Physics

Spring 2017 PER Seminar Schedule

Location:  Cardwell 119
Days/Time:  Mondays at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified)


DateSpeaker Title
1/16University Holiday   
1/23Rosemary RussUniv. of Wisconsin-MadisonGroup Meeting
1/30J.T. LavertyKSUPER Discussion of J. Osborne's "Teaching Scientific Practices: Meeting the Challenge of Change"
2/6Alicia AllbaughJPL Group Meeting
2/13Ellie SayreKSUPER How to Keynote (Participants should bring a laptop with keynote on it. )
2/20AAPT - No Seminar   
2/27J.T. LavertyKSUPERDiscussion of R. Gutierrez's "A "Gap-Gazing" Fetish in Mathematics Education? Problematizing Research on the Achievement Gap
3/6No Seminar  
3/13Group Meeting  
3/20Spring Break                                                                 
3/27Grad Forum Practice Talks
4/3Ellie SayreKSUPER Discussion about Diversity in Physics in preparation for Dr. Kate Kirby's Physics Colloquium
4/10Manher JariwalaBoston University Group Meeting
4/17Ellie SayreKSUPERStructural Conversation 
4/24Nandana WeliweriyaKSUPER  
5/1Bahar ModirKSUPER