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Department of Physics

Spring 2014 PER Seminar Schedule

Location:  Cardwell 119
Days/Time:  Mondays at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified)


1/27Organizational Meeting 
2/3Eleanor SayreWhat happens next? Searching for jobs
2/10Ying ChenIdentifying E-games played in upper-division physics
2/17Discussion of Papers by Joe Redish 
2/24Group Meeting with Joe Redish, Univ. of Maryland 
3/3Amy RouinfarEffect of Visual Cueing on Students' Attention While Solving Insight Problems
3/10Jessica Dwyer 
3/17Spring Break 
3/24Bahar Modir 
3/31Raiya Ebini & Dean ZollmanNARST Conference (3/30-4/2)
4/7Xian WuAERA Meeting (4/3-4/7)
4/14Elise Agra 
4/21Stephanie McCutcheon 
4/28Paul Irving 
5/5Claudia Fracchiolla