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Department of Physics

Fall 2017 PER Seminar Schedule

Location:  Cardwell 119
Days/Time:  Mondays at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified)


8/28Organizational Meeting
9/4No Seminar - Labor Day                                                                                   
9/11Discussion Session with Michael Ranney on Ranney, M. & Schank, P. (1998). Toward an integration of the social and the scientific: Observing, modeling, and promoting the explanatory coherence of reasoning. In S. Read and L. Miller (Eds.), Connectionist models of social reasoning and social behavior (pp. 245-274). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum
9/18Discussion Session led by Ginny Coghlan on Core Skills for Effective Science Communication: A Teaching Resource for Undergraduate Science Education by L. Mercer-Mapstone & L. Kuchel
9/25Scott TanonaK-State PhilosophyPublic Values and the Ethics of Science Communication
10/2Ben ArchibequeK-State PhysicsPlanning GROW
10/9Discussion Session on the NRC 2009 report “Learning Science in Informal Environments
10/16Nandana Weliweriya LiyanageK-State PhysicsStudents' Use of Multiple Representations in Upper-Division Physics Problem Solving: Update and Future Work
10/23Han YuK-State EnglishCreating effective scientific visual communication
10/30Jared BixbySunset ZooSunset Zoo: Bridging Gaps in Science Communication
11/6Poster Review for Research and the State
11/13Spring 2018 Planning Meeting 
11/20No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday  
11/27Group Meeting with Danny Caballero, Michigan State University
12/4PER Seminar - Practice Talk for Dina Zohrabi Alaee's Oral Exam 
12/5 or 12/6PER Seminar - Practice Talk for Tra Thi Thanh Huynh's Oral Exam