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Department of Physics

Fall 2015 PER Seminar Schedule

Location:  Cardwell 119
Days/Time:  Mondays at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified)


8/24Organizational Meeting  
8/31Dean ZollmanK-SUPERWorkshop: Creating Interactive, Online Concept Maps using Free Software (Install concept mapping tool before seminar.)  
9/7No Seminar - Labor Day                                                                                   
9/14Christine LindstromOslo & Akershus University College of Applied SciencesFirst steps toward designing a new laboratory course for underrepresented students in a graduate bridge program in South Africa
9/21Eleanor SayreK-SUPERPhysics Learning at Large and Small Scales

Nandana Weliweriya

Bahar Modir



Nandana: Update on Social Network Analysis 

Bahar: Theoretical Framework for Quantum Data

10/5Deepa ChariK-SUPERTheoretical Framework and Preliminary Analysis of EM/QM Data
10/12Dina Zohrabi-Alaee and Raiya EbiniK-SUPER Discussion of "Resources, Framing, and Transfer" paper in CW 220
10/19 Hai NguyenK-SUPER

Physics Education Research at HCMC University of Pedagogy

10/26 Justyna ZwolakFlorida International University - STEM Transformation InstituteNetwork Analytic Methods with R
11/2 Claudia FracchiollaK-SUPERInvestigating a Redesigned Physics Class for Elementary Education Majors
11/9 Amy RobertsonSeattle Pacific UniversityResponsive Teaching
11/16 Ellie SayreK-SUPER New Theory on Epistemic Frames in Math-in-physics
11/23No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday  
11/30  Group MeetingLooking at and Talking about More Data
12/7  Group MeetingPlans for the Spring 2016 Semester