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Department of Physics


CTSim was written in 1999 by Monica Ring Muthsam as her Zulassungsarbeit, the approximate equivalent of an MS report for future teachers. The program teaches the principles of back projection as they are used in CT image reconstruction. The program has many interactive features and is useful in helping students learn about the basic ideas of back projection in medical imaging. It also has some rather sophistic components about filters and convolutions. However, these parts are not required for students to obtain a basic understanding.

If you adjust the resolution of your computer as described in the program notes, CTSim should run on all versions of Windows up through Windows 7. It has not yet been tested on Windows 8.

The English version was created by Dean Zollman. Please read the translation notes which accompany the English version.

Download CTSim, English Translation

CTSim runs only at screen resolutions of 800x600 and 1024x768. If you see the screen below, you must change your screen resolution. (This screen will not appear in English.)

Resolution warning

The installation program runs at any resolution.

Installation instructions:

Save the install program on your computer by using the link below.
Run the install program.


To avoid annoying reminders you need to register the program. You may register by sending an e-mail to the program's author Monika Muthsam.

Download CTSim, English Translation

Read the Translation Notes

Herunterladen das original CTSim (auf Deutsch)

In cooperation with
Didaktik der Physik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

English translation supported by a National Science Foundation Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars Grant DUE 04-27645