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Department of Physics

Ph.D. in Physics with dissertation in Educational Research & Development

Typical courses
Physics CoursesCrOther CoursesCr
Classical Dynamics3Research Methods in Education3
Electrodynamics6Statistics Methods in Research3
Quantum Mechanics6Research Design3
Statistical Mechanics3Qualitative Research3
Math Methods of Physics3Principles of College Teaching3
Journal Club1History & Philosophy of Science Education3
Advanced Laboratory3Constructivism in Science Education3
Physics Education Seminar1Psychology of Memory3
Teaching University Physics3Learning (Psychology)3
  Survey Research3
  Curriculum Materials for a Non-sexist Classroom3
  Curriculum Materials for Ethnic Diversity3
  Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences3

Courses in italics are required of all Ph.D. students in the Physics Department.
Physics Education Seminar is taken every semester after the first year of graduate studies