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Department of Physics

Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions

Ultrafast Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Kansas State University 


The J.R. Macdonald Laboratory, Department of Physics, Kansas State University, is seeking one or more POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATES in ultrafast AMO physics. The Laboratory has a new 10 kHz, 2 mJ, 21 fs CEP-stable laser and anticipates the installation (in August 2013) of a 1 kHz, 20 mJ, 25 fs CEP-stable laser with an OPA to generate few-cycle pulses in the mid-IR. These state-of-the-art light sources will enable new experiments aimed at studying ultrafast light-induced dynamics in atoms, molecules, and nanostructures.

The main project for this position will be the development of molecular alignment and orientation methods and their application to ultrafast dynamic imaging of molecules. The selected candidate will also be responsible for the operation and maintenance of an amplified Ti:Sapphire laser.

We may have other positions available. Possible projects for those include (but are not limited to)

a) High harmonic spectroscopy of ultrafast molecular dynamics;

b) IR / optical/XUV pump-probe experiments in ultrafast photochemistry employing VMI/COLTRIMS techniques;

c) Experiments at free-electron lasers;

d) Theoretical treatment of these, and other, strong laser field processes.

Candidates must have earned a Ph.D. (or equivalent) in physics, physical chemistry or a related field by the time the position begins. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in one or more of the following areas: femtosecond laser systems; strong-field physics and ultrafast laser-matter interactions; high harmonic generation; pulse shaping for coherent control.

The appointment will be a term appointment. The successful candidate(s) should also demonstrate a strong commitment to mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students and to serving a diverse population. Screening of applications will begin September 15, 2013 and continue until the positions are filled. Candidates should submit a letter of application and a vita including a list of publications to: jrmpostdoc@phys.ksu.edu. Candidates should also arrange to have three letters of reference sent to the same address.


Kansas State University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer and actively seeks diversity among its employees. Background checks required. 

Date Posted: 8/8/13