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Department of Physics



The deadline for applications is January 8. We will begin to make offers for admission to graduate school in Physics at the end of January.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We consider all applicants to our graduate program holistically. This means we carefully consider all of the parts of your application to build a complete picture of you as a student and researcher. A complete picture will help us decide if you can succeed in our program. For that reason, you need to complete all the parts of your application.   

A complete application includes:

  1. K-State Online Application:  Please complete the University's on-line application.  It has the convenience of allowing you to pay the application fee by credit card online.  McNair Scholars will not be required to pay the application fee but should have their program coordinator provide documentation that they have participated in the McNair Program at their undergraduate institution. This documentation should accompany the application materials submitted to Graduate School. Students who have participated in K-State's Summer Undergraduate Research Program will not be required to pay an application fee. The Graduate School maintains a list of SUROP participants whose application fees will be waived. K-State's Research Experiences for Undergraduates participants will also be exempt from the fee.  The program sponsor will send a letter verifying participation in REU programs.  If you have payment questions,  Graduate School's FAQ list.
  2. Personal Statement: Please upload your statement of objectives. Statements should briefly describe your interest in the program, previous experience, research interests, and long-term career goals. In addition, you can mention the names of any faculty members you are interested in working with. Limit your statement to a single-spaced page if at all possible.
  3. Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV): Your resume/CV should provide information about your academic history, research, awards and recognitions. It should also contain any job history and volunteer experiences (e.g. physics outreach to local schools).
  4. References:  You will be asked to provide names and email addresses of instructors or professional references that will submit a recommendation on your behalf. Your references will be contacted automatically using the email addresses that you supply.  They will be asked how long and in what capacity they have known you.   In addition they will be asked to give an appraisal of your academic ability and ability to communicate in English.   They may also attach a personalized letter if they wish. If your reference provider is unable to utilize the online system, please e-mail graduate@phys.ksu.edu.
  5. GRE Advanced Physics score (copy accepted, see FAQ):  We do not require the Physics GRE, nor do we require the general GRE.  If you happen to have the Physics GRE, we will accept your scores. The University Code for testing is 6334.  Lack of physics GRE will not harm your application. 
  6. Transcripts:  Please upload transcripts for each college/university attended. Be sure that all documents include information needed to interpret grades. This is typically on the reverse side of the transcript.  Both native language and English translations are required for international students. If you have received a diploma for any or all degrees at the time of application, please upload with your transcript. 

International applicants are also required to send:

  1. English Proficiency Requirement:  TOEFL score (internet or paper-based), IELTS or PTE.  See http://www.k-state.edu/grad/students/international.html  for requirements.  Official score will need to be submitted to KSU from ETS.
  2. Signed "Affidavit of Financial Support".  Please note that you are required to complete this form and show funds ONLY if you plan to attend graduate school on your own funding.