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Department of Physics


About K-State

A list of quick facts, accreditation, achievements and history of K-State

K-State Map

An interactive map to help you locate buildings (Physics is in Cardwell Hall!)

What should I do when I first arrive?

A checklist of the things new graduate students should do after they are admitted

Campus Extracurricular  Opportunities

K-State affiliated multicultural, recreational, and religious activities

K-State Sports

The official site of K-State Wildcat athletics - football, basketball, volleyball, and much more

Beach Museum of Art

Features major art exhibits as well as local and regional artists

McCain Auditorium

Hosts theatrical and musical events by students, faculty, national, and international groups

International Student Associations

There is a large  international student population at K-State, many of whom have families.  They have formed several student organizations, mostly organized by nationality.