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Department of Physics

Departmental Exams

Spring 2022 Department Exam Dates


January 12-Wednesday9 am - 11 amMechanics - Ratra
 2 pm - 4 pmE&M - Wysin
January 13-Thursday9 am - 11 amModern Physics - Rudenko
 2 pm - 4 pmQuantum Mechanics - Kumarappan
January 14-Friday9 am - 11 amThermal and Statistical Physics - Schmit

We will plan for in-person exams in CW 224 motivated by the phasing out of Covid measures for fall semester (as well as the fact that there is ample space for social distancing in the exam room). However, we will not hesitate to pivot to online exams if case numbers in the Manhattan area continue to be problematic.

If you have questions or see an error, please contact Kim Coy in CW 106 or send e-mail to graduate@phys.ksu.edu.

Dr. Jeremy Schmit is coordinating the DEs.

Study Questions for Departmental Exams

October 7, 2021