2015 Ernest Fox Nichols Distinguished Alumni Lecture


Physics: The Curriculum of the Entrepreneur

Jody Brazil, B.S. in Physics (1995) from Kansas State University

Jody Brazil

September 8, 2015

4:30 pm

Hale Library, Hemisphere Room


Jody Brazil, a 1995 graduate of K-State in Physics, will discuss the three critical skills that must be nurtured to foster a successful entrepreneur.
The vast majority of the educational system only focuses on one of the three skills. However, the study of physics is uniquely positioned to educate future entrepreneurs.
Twenty-five years removed from the day he entered Kansas State as a freshman intent on studying physics, he has failed to solve a single interesting physics problem of our day, but credits his education as the foundation of his success.
This talk will investigate the requirements to be an entrepreneur and the role the study of physics had on his career and the impact it can have on shaping the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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