About me



I am currently a senior majoring in Physics at Bridgewater State University. My road to physics is perhaps more unusual than a typical student in the STEM fields. As a first generation student, I began my undergraduate career in the humanities and semi frequently changed majors. After a few semesters I joined a biopsychology research group. I switched into Biological and Psychological studies. While examining relations between the heart and prefrontal cortex via ventral vagal connection we found something interesting. It seemed that the heart was “talking” to the brain through both a nerve connection and through a “wireless” connection. I learned that this effect was described by two electromagnetic fields interacting. I became interested in physics and switched my degree path to which I am pursuing a doctorate.


Outside of academia I enjoy outdoor activities and exercising. I take particular interest in hockey, soccer, mountain biking, snowboarding, and weightlifting.


Summer REU fun




Group photo of all the physics REU students and coordinators


                                                                         Physics REU picnic                                                         650ft below ground in a salt mine

                        Group picture before entering the nuclear reactor for a tour                                       Cherenkov radiation


                                                          My favorite trip was to the Cosmoshpere in Hutchinson, KS