My Research


Project Overview

This summer I have been working with Dr. Eleanor Sayre on a project called BESM talk. I provide an abstract below as well as the powerpoint from my final presentation for the REU project. If you are really interested be on the look out for a paper entitled ‘Brief, Embedded, Spontaneous, Metacognitive Talk’ in Metacognition and Learning.


A major goal of undergraduate education in physics is fostering ‘thinking like a physicist’ among physics majors.  Precise definitions and observational markers have been elusive, especially at the upper-division level.  I present some elements of what "thinking like a physicist" entails, and some discourse markers for identifying when students are more likely to be physicist-like.  The markers are applicable across contexts.  I suggest instructional strategies to promote students thinking like physicists.

Final Presentation

BESM Talk2.pdf

Future Work

After this paper is published in Metacognition and Learning, there will be two more papers to come about BESM talk. The first of these will provide a stronger tie to students identity development within physics. The second has yet to be determined but will possibly be how BESM Talk fits in with physics and math or other subjects.