Fun Stuff We Did in Kansas

During my time in Kansas we had an opportunity to do lots of fun things, not only with our REU but with others as well.


We had the picnic at Dean Shanklin’s house for all of the summer programs.

During this there were people playing soccer,




As well as tons of other games. This was also our first opportunity for a group photo!




We had a departmental picnic as well, were we got to visit Tuttle Creek and see the dam open.



During the summer we also took a trip to the Salt Mine’s and Cosmosphere in Kansas. Both of those were really great opportunities. I was really surprised at how much fun the Salt Mine’s were and how much fun I had.






One of the last things we did was a BBQ at the Konza Prairie after an afternoon following the Bison loop and getting to see actual Bison!


IMG_5517.JPG                 IMG_5525.JPG



I have to say this has been an amazing experience. Some of the best times I had during the program were not a part of the scheduled activities. Running into fellow researchers in the common room of the dorm or simply going to meals with people were some of my favorite things from the program. This was seriously an amazing group of people to spend my summer with.