Writing a Tutorial to Explain How a Metal Detector Works: Physics REU 2011

This summer I participated in a Research Experience for Undergraduate program at Kansas State University supported by the National Science Foundation from June 1st to August 5th. I worked under the guidance of Professor Dean Zollman and Dr. Sytil Murphy in the Kansas State University Physics Education Research Group. I researched how students learn electromagnetism and the effects of various methods of physics instruction. I used my research findings to create a physics tutorial to explain certain aspects of electricity and magnetism so that students can fully understand how a metal detector works. My project is part of the Modern Miracle Medical Machines (MMMM) project at KSU that strives to create tutorials applicable for premedical students as they are a large subset of students that take general physics courses. 

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation through grant number PHY-0851599.


REU Project Overview

Picture to the left:  Metal detector set up

Pictures on the right top down: Cornell University Library,

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