We are interested in applying scientific principles to projects that are fun and interesting. This year we plan on building small demonstrations for Open House in April. Any persons who would like to contribute or have other ideas please get in touch.  

Past Projects

Supercomputer: In 2011, the Physics Club built a supercomputer cluster with 18 Intel processing computers that were being discarded by the department. Because of a lack of appropriate jobs, the supercomputer has since been reassembled into bookshelves for the John P. Giese Student Center (Cardwell Hall, Rm. 40).

Trebuchet: In 2004-2005, the Physics Club built a trebuchet for a competition with the K-State chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Trebuchets are efficient catapults, used during the Middle Ages to launch heavy artillery. With the development of gunpowder (and the cannon), trebuchet use in warfare become obsolete. In modern times, trebuchet are used in historical enactment and other recreational use, such as fall "pumpkin chucking" competitions and our own 2005 Open House challenge (where water-balloons were fired). The competition was a success for all. The ASME won in the category of distance, while our device was awarded for its accuracy.