Statistical Thermodynamics:
Understanding the Properties of Macroscopic Systems

Lukong Cornelius Fai - ICTP Trieste, Italy; University of Dschang, Cameroon

Gary Matthew Wysin - Kansas State University, U.S.A.

Published 2013, Taylor & Francis Group of CRC Press

Chapter Titles

i. Preface
ii. Author Biographies
1. Basic Principles of Statistical Physics
2. Thermodynamic Functions
3. Canonical Distribution
4. Ideal Gases
5. Quantum statistics of Ideal Gases
6. Electron Gas in a Magnetic Field
7. Magnetic and Dielectric Materials
8. Lattice Dynamics
9. Condensed Bodies
10. Multiphase Systems
11. Macroscopic Quantum Effects:
      Superfluid Liquid Helium
12. Nonideal Classical Gases
13. Functional Integration in Statistical Physics

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Temperature dependence of the entropy of a paramagnet at different applied magnetic fields.

The phase diagram of helium-4 near the transition temperature (λ-point).