Magnetic Excitations & Geometric Confinement:
Theory and Simulations

Gary Matthew Wysin - Kansas State University, U.S.A.

Published December, 2015, as an IOP Expanding Physics ebook

Chapter Titles

Part I: Theory and Simulation Approaches for Magnetism
The first part of the book introduces basic theory of magnetism, demagnetization or shape effects, use of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods for spin models, and spin simulation methods including classical Monte Carlo and spin dynamics.

1. Introduction: Geometrically Confined Magnetic Systems
2. Magnetism Theory: Spin Models
3. Demagnetization Effects in Thin Magnets
4. Classical Monte Carlo Simulation Methods
5. Classical Spin Dynamics Simulations

Part II: Excitations in Magnetic Systems
The second part of the book discusses problems in different magnetic systems, such as spin waves and solitons in one-dimensional chains, vortices in two-dimensional or thin magnets, and two-dimensional artificial spin ice models.

6. Spin Waves: Extended but Low-Dimensional Systems
7. Solitons in Magnetic Chains
8. Vortices in Layered or Two-Dimensional Ferromagnets
9. Magnetic Vortex Core Motion and Internal Dynamics
10. Vortices in Thin Ferromagnetic Nanodisks
11. Spin Ices and Geometric Frustration

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Dynamic correlation function in 2D XY model, from hybrid Monte Carlo / spin dynamics simulations.

Monopole excitations in square lattice artificial spin ice, from Langevin spin dynamics simulations.