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Including Arbitrary HTML Markup

  Raw HTML or HTML+ tags and text may be included using the environment rawhtml. This can be used to take advantage of new HTML+ facilities as soon as they become available.   A particularly good use of this feature is in the creation of interactive electronic forms from within a LaTeX document. When producing the paper (DVI) version of a document the rawhtml environment is ignored.

Here is an example:  

<LI> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="wp" VALUE="word"> Word for
<LI> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="wp" VALUE="wp"> Word Perfect.
<LI> <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="wp" VALUE="latex"> LaTeX.
<LI> Plain Text Editors (Please Specify): <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="other_ed">
So, what do think (comments please): <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE=45,4 NAME="other_wp">

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="submit this form but don't expect much!">

The result is shown below.

  1. Word for Windows.
  2. Word Perfect.
  3. LaTeX.
  4. Plain Text Editors (Please Specify):
So, what do think (comments please):

Warning: Avoid using LaTeX commands involving counters (e.g. numbered figures or equations) in conditional text because this may disrupt the values of the counters in the electronic version.

Gary M Wysin
Fri Aug 25 20:57:35 CDT 1995