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Dicker et al. (JBIAC-large-angle) and Harrison et al. (JBIAC-small-angle) use 33 GHz data from the ground-based Jodrell Bank-IAC interferometer experiment on Tenerife, in conjunction with foreground contamination data, to constrain CMBR anisotropy.

Dicker et al. and Harrison et al. provide analytic fits to their zero-lag window functions (note that the normalization in eq. (6) of Dicker et al. should be 0.0677, not 0.677). The large-angle zero-lag window function fit is

W_\ell = 0.0677 {\rm exp}\left[ - (\ell - 109) (\ell - 110) / 730\right] ,

and the small-angle zero-lag window function fit is

W_\ell = 0.0377 {\rm exp}\left[ - (\ell - 208) (\ell - 209) / 694\right] .

The first column in the window function file is $\ell$, which runs from 2 to 350. The second column is the large-angle $W_\ell$ and the third column is the small-angle $W_\ell$.

Table: Jodrell Bank-IAC zero-lag Window Function Parameters
  $\ell_{e^{-0.5}}$ $\ell_{\rm e}$ $\ell_{\rm m}$ $\ell_{e^{-0.5}}$ $\sqrt{I(W_\ell)}$
large-angle 90 105.9 109.5 129 0.175
small-angle 190 206.8 208.5 227 0.0922

The quoted bandtemperature values are from Dicker et al. and Harrison et al., with 6.6% added in quadrature to their statistical 1 $\sigma$ error bars to account for the calibration uncertainty. They were computed assuming a flat bandpower spectrum.

Fig.: Jodrell Bank-IAC zero-lag window functions. (Postscript version here.) win_JodrellBank-IAC.gif


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S.R. Dicker, et al., ``Cosmic Microwave Background Observations with the Jodrell Bank-IAC Interferometer at 33 GHz", MNRAS 309, 750 (1999).

D.L. Harrison, et al., ``A Measurement at the First Acoustic Peak of the CMB with the 33 GHz Interferometer", astro-ph/0004357.

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