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Wollack et al. use Ka band (centered on 30 GHz) data from the ground-based Saskatoon 1993 experiment at Saskatoon to constrain CMBR anisotropy.

The FWHM of the beam, assumed to be gaussian, is $\sigma_{\rm FWHM} =
0.65^\circ \sqrt{8 {\rm ln} 2}$. The zero-lag window function of the stepped-scan, second harmonic lockin, three-beam experiment is

W_\ell = 1.839  e^{-\sigma_{\rm G}{}^2 (\ell + 0.5)^2}
... J_2 \left( (\ell - 2k)
\Phi_0 \right) \right]^2 ,

where $\sigma_{\rm G} = \sigma_{\rm FWHM}/\sqrt{8 {\rm ln} 2}$, $J_2$ is a Bessel function of the first kind, and $\Phi_0 = 2.45^\circ$ is half of the peak-to-peak chop angle. The normalization, $1.839$, is fixed so that a 1 $\mu$K change in a blackbody filling only the positive lobe of the sky pattern gives a detected signal of 1 $\mu$K.

The first column in the window function file is $\ell$, which runs from 2 to 350. The second column is the zero-lag $W_\ell$.

Table: Saskatoon 1993 zero-lag Window Function Parameters
$\ell_{e^{-0.5}}$ $\ell_{\rm e}$ $\ell_{\rm m}$ $\ell_{e^{-0.5}}$ $\sqrt{I(W_\ell)}$
47 67.0 69 95 1.07

The quoted bandtemperature values are computed for a flat bandpower spectrum. They are from Netterfield et al., corrected according to the caption of Figure 3 of Torbet et al. (to account for re-calibration and foreground contamination), with 11% added in quadrature to their statistical 1 $\sigma$ error bars to account for the 1 $\sigma$ calibration uncertainty.

Fig.: Saskatoon 1993 zero-lag window functions. (Postscript version here.) win_Saskatoon93.gif


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