from left: Terry Salava, Jeremy Schmit, Iris Horn (not shown: Tam Phan)
July 2022

from left: Nelson Ramallo, Kamal Bhandari, Tien Phan, Tam Phan, Jeremy Schmit
November 2019

from left: Tam Phan, Subhash Paudel, Caleb Huang, Jeremy Schmit, Yuba Raj Dahal
Summer 2016

Online Talks

"The landscape of amyloid misfolding"
Proteinopathy ZOOMinar series
Dec 13 2021

"Biophysical basis of condensate functionality"
Thomas Young Centre
July 8 2021 Kitchen Table Talk
"Biophysical basis of condensate functionality" (subscription is required but free)
Oct 14 2020

"Amyloid aggregation from nanoseconds to decades"
University of Kansas Physics Colloquium
Feb 9 2016

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