My group is active in the general area of theoretical atomic physics, especially few-body problems.  We are currently working in two main areas: ultracold few-body collisions and intense laser-matter interactions.  You can see more details by clicking Research>Current Projects to the left, or by reading some of our Publications.


10-2012 Two PRLs, enhancing CEP control and seeing multiphoton structure in dissociative ionization, published
5-2012 Physics World article on our finding New class of three-body states
12-2011 Esry named a Simons Fellow
7-2011 Workshop "Not so few, but not too Many" on systems with four- or more particles at ECT* in Trento, Italy
4-2011 Esry named University Distinguished Professor
4-2010 Wang successfully defended his Ph.D.!
3-2010 I co-organized a workshop at INT (with Sonia Bacca and Lucas Platter) in March 2010 entitled "Weakly Bound Systems in Atomic and Nuclear Physics"
9-25-2009 Anis successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis!  Look here for a link to it when the final corrections have been made...
8-2009 Esry named Ernest K. and Lillian E. Chapin Professor of Physics
7-2009 Anis named a finalist for Yong-Ki Kim award at ICPEAC
5-1-2007 1999 Esry, Greene, and Burke paper on  Efimov states in ultracold collisions was highlighted in AIP's Physics News Update
11-2006 Esry elected Fellow of the American Physical Society