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All About Me!

Name: Kristina A. Drawbridge


School: Mesa State College of Grand Junction, Colorado


Why Physics?

I thought it would be the hardest major. And

my dad told me it was more practical than being

a math major.



Career Goals:

I first went to school not knowing what I wanted

to do when I finished. My second semester, however,

I spoke with a lady who recommended I look into

optometry. I did and thought for sure thatís what I

wanted to do after I graduated. I shadowed three

fantastic optometrists, and decided I was not patient

enough for that career. I then considered physical

therapy but turns out that wasnít for me either.

So now three years later, I am in the same boat as

I was when I started collegeÖ I have no idea what I

want to do after Mesa State.


Hobbies and Interests Outside of Physics:

1.           I like to be outside as much as possible. I love to explore

the mountains of my hometown, ride my bike around Grand

Junction, and go for long jogs. During the winter I like to

snowboard (when I can afford it), snowshoe, and make snowmen


2.        If Iím not outside, I like to watch sports, especially UFC and baseball.

rockieslogo.jpgMy favorite team is the Colorado Rockies.



3.        I like to spend time with my family and just hang out with my friends.