Physical Measurements & Instrumentation
Physics 636

Spring 2001

Instructor: Brett DePaola
Office: CW 333

"The Art of Electronics" by P. Horowitz and W. Hill
"PHYS 636 Lab Manual" by B. D. DePaola


The testing schedule will be flexible, with 1 or 2 exams throughout the semester. There will be no final exam.

There will not be much homework, but the homework problems which are assigned should be worked prior to the class in which they are due.

One half of the course grade will come from the lab book grades. The remainder from the exams and homework. All labs must be finished by the end of the last week of classes.

Individual Help:
Any student who wishes individual help is urged to see the instructor. As there will be 8 contact hours per week in this class, including 6 hours of lab, there will be no formal office hours.

Final Exam:
There will be no final exam.

If you have any conditions such as a physical or learning disability, which will make it difficult for you to carry out the work as I have outlined it or which will require academic accommodations, please notify me and contact the Disabled Students Office (Holton 202), in the first two weeks of the course.

(The following note appears at the insistance of the administration)
Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on the exam, paper or project; failure in the course; and/or expulsion from the University. For more information refer to the ``Academic Dishonesty'' policy in K-State Undergraduate Catalog and the Undergraduate Honor System Policy on the Provost's web page.