Momentum Imaging of Photoelectrons

by Casey Kretzer

Mentor:  Dr. Igor Litvinyuk

Welcome to my webpage.  This page summarizes my experience doing research for the Summer 2008 with my mentor. The basis of the project is to image a molecule’s structure by ionizing it, then creating a collision with its ionized electron using an intense infrared laser. The collision will cause this electron to diffract and we want to be able to map its momentum after this occurs. My part of the project is to help design a velocity-map imaging detector that will block low energy electrons that will not diffract and make sure it still captures the data from the electrons we need in order to predict what the molecule it came from looks like. Also, I am to aid in figuring out how to take data from the detector and transform it into useful data.

Below, I describe the Project Goals, my Research Strategy, my Research Progress, and will eventually post my Final Presentation and Final Report.  I also included some summaries of the ethics discussions led by Dr. Amy Lara and Dr. Bruce Glymour, and my reaction to Prof. Larry Weaver's lectures.   Scroll all the way down to learn more About Me.  Finally, I've included some Useful Links.


Project Goals: 

1.        Come up with optimized voltages for our design so electrons with the same amount of initial vertical momentum will land at the same spot on the detector, even when starting out at slightly different position.

2.      Use those voltages to determine how to block lower energy electrons.

3.      Figure out how to use the Inverse Abel Transform to take the data on a detector and create a 3-D probability distribution from it.

Research Strategy:  Mainly simulations of electrons going through the setup will be made in SIMION. The data obtained will be used to come up with the optimized voltages and will be the preliminary data that will be transformed when performing it is figured out.

Research Progress

Final Presentation 

Final Report

Lectures by Dr. Weaver

Ethics Classes by Professors Bruce Glymour and Amy Lara

About Me:

I am currently a junior at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the number one ranked undergraduate engineering college in the country for the last nine years, according to U.S. News and World Report. I intend to get two degrees, one in Physics and the other in Optical Engineering, as well as a Math minor and perhaps a Spanish minor if I can fit it in my schedule. The department I am in is appropriately called Physics and Optical Engineering. I am also the Publicity Chair of our Residence Hall Association (and ironically living off campus next year) and I plan on having our Society of Optical Engineers group started up again next year.

Useful Links: 

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