Family Album

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Photos: Me,  family and friends


2005: st-pat 10k run    Kilkenny-Ireland     skye-scotland    stirling-scotland

2004: hiking at YangMingShan      ever changing clouds-Taidong

2003:   three-physicists       the Bay area group      with Michael

2002:    Min-sha san, Dunhung, Aug                           with Bao in Guangzhou, Aug     
                 42 mi relay race , March                           with college classmates,, Hsinchu, March

2001:    KC-Lawrence relay team, Feb                          Aoshima, on Kyushu island, March

2000:   abisko, sweden, may    Karin's graduation (Ph.D, Berkeley) May    Samaria gorge, Crete, June    at Chamonix    
 hiking in Maui      snow white feet-Maui             sm at Haleakala NP, Maui, Dec

The enchanting Kiera and Kyla -- see we grow

The K-K sisters (new)  20062006b   year06-album

 The big sister-- Kiera :      

                 My first year :     A brief history                 My second year:  am I cute?    

                 My third year: watch out, I am 2     smiling me

 The up and coming-- Kyla:  
                   My first months: getting started     head up at 3-month

Photos of our    sweet home